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Care & Healing Instructions

• Leave bandage on for at least 4 hours.

• Wash your tattoo with warm, soapy water rubbing gently in a circular motion until it feels smooth. DO NOT use a washcloth or any abrasive washing implement. Special soap is not necessary, mild bath soap works fine.

• After washing and rinsing, pat dry with a clean towel and let air dry for a few minutes. Repeat this process three times a day for the next 3 days.

• DO NOT re-bandage your tattoo.

• After washing and letting your tattoo dry, apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor Ointment. Be sure to rub it in completely.

• After 3 days, you may switch to a good quality hand/body lotion such as: Curél, Lubriderm, Jergens or any other fragrance and dye free lotion that DOES NOT contain any extra additives.

• DO NOT soak your tattoo or go swimming until it is completely healed. You can shower, but make showering time quick, avoiding immersing your new tattoo in water for an extended time.

• Keep your new tattoo out of direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks. DO NOT use sunscreen until it is completely healed.

• Your tattoo will peel like a sunburn and possibly itch. This is totally normal. Some scabbing is also normal. Remember not to scratch or pick at it!

• If you have any questions, make sure you call O'Reilly's Tattoo Parlour first.

• It is possible for a tattoo to get infected, especially if it is not kept clean or you work/live in an area with an increased risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Redness and swelling are normal, but if you see red streaks going towards your heart, have an elevated temperature, or have purulent drainage you may need to seek medical help.

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